Men’s Health Doctor at a Family Care Clinic

In a study in the United States, only 68% of men reported they have a primary care doctor. And of that 68%, only 75% had seen that doctor within the last two years. (Source) On top of that, men are consistently shown to live shorter, less healthy lives than women in the US, and what doctor visits they make are not geared at overall health, but at specific, one-time issues or injuries. (Source)

These are important facts about the health of our patients. As a family medicine practice, we see the impact our patients have on the lives of their loved ones. Having a healthy brother, father, grandfather, or nephew throughout their lives is so important to all the people we see, and Bonita Family Care is ready with Dr. Feliciano to help each man in your household stay healthy and strong. (If you find yourself having these same conversations with the women in your life, Bonita Family Care can help them, too. Click here to learn about our women’s care services.)

If you are concerned that you have no health insurance and need to see a doctor, or that your health insurance costs are still too high, Bonita Family Care is an affordable care option. About 75% of our patients are self-pay patients, many of whom are patients without health insurance. We work hard to keep the cost of medical care low so we can pass those savings on to our patients.

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We are Bilingual in English and Spanish.

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Primary Care Physician for Men, Focused on Men’s Health Issues

Many men prefer to have a male doctor. Dr. Domingo Feliciano at Bonita Family Care is a male doctor who is confident and comfortable treating male patients. He is aware of the specific health issues men face as well as the broader health concerns that all adults should be aware of, and he talks with patients about both.

Men frequently face the following problems which Dr. Feliciano can diagnose and/or treat:
  • Heart disease. Men often don’t make important changes to prevent heart disease. We can help.
  • Low testosterone. Also called Low T. This may improve with a treatment like testosterone replacement therapy.
  • Prostate cancer. Both physical medical exams and blood tests (PSA test) can catch prostate conditions early, requiring minimal intervention and helping you live longer.
  • Urology issues. Conditions like kidney stones and erectile dysfunction can be monitored and treated.
  • Back, knee, & shoulder pain. If you pains in your body that won’t go away, come see how we can help you.
  • Dermatological issues. Rashes, hives, and other skin conditions.

Besides these chronic conditions, we also provide access to physicals for jobs, immigration, and sports. Especially the immigration medical exam and vaccines overlap with a large portion of a general, annual health check-up, meaning we can address a lot in the same visit.

Whatever medical care you need, Bonita Family Care is here for you.

If you’re a man living in Bonita Springs, Naples, or Fort Myers, and are ready to take control of your health and find an adult primary care doctor, call Bonita Family Care today. Dr. Feliciano is ready to help you toward a healthier, longer, happier life with your family. Call (239) 992-4344 or contact us to make an appointment. If you’d like to learn about other healthcare services Bonita Family Care can provide for your family, click here.