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Women’s Care from a Family Medicine Doctor

A trademark aspect of Dr. Domingo Feliciano’s medical care at Bonita Family Care is quality healthcare for patients of all ages and genders. 
This includes providing respectful, courteous, expert services for women’s health. (Click for information about pediatric care or men’s health.) Women’s health isn’t limited to gynecological visits, either. Comprehensive health care services for women include:
  • Annual check-ups for all conditions, often called a Well Woman Check.
  • Preventative medicine revolving around total health and well-being.
  • Medical care for single-visit issues like urinary tract infections.
  • Reliable care for women and their families as they grow.

Please also note that Dr. Feliciano is bilingual and can provide medical care in Spanish and English.

Somos bilingües en Inglés y Español!
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Why Do I Need a Primary Care Doctor?

Of all the doctor’s visits made by adults in the United States in 2018, only about half were to primary care physicians (Source). This means the other half were made to specialists, urgent care clinics, and emergency rooms, all of which are much more expensive. The fact is that most of an average adult’s healthcare can be fully managed through a primary care office, saving patients money while still providing excellent medical care. This is why it’s important to find a primary physician you trust.

Primary care doctors are also important in providing:
  • Continuity of care so concerns like prescription medication refills don’t fall through the cracks.
  • Health screenings for breast cancer and other conditions. Observing trends in a patient’s health can lead to preventing major issues and/or treating them early.
  • Physicals for work or immigration. (Dr. Feliciano is a USCIS civil surgeon who can complete immigration medical exams.)

Whatever your medical needs as an adult woman, you deserve trustworthy, affordable healthcare from a qualified provider.

Having an established doctor at a family clinic can ensure you get the care you deserve for yourself, along with convenient care for the rest of your family. (For more information about our family medical services, click here.) If you live in or around Bonita Springs, Florida, call (239) 992-4344 or contact us to make an appointment with Dr. Feliciano as your women’s primary care doctor.